20 Jan

Scents to Channel Our Inner Creativity

Everyone knows that certain scents can energize your body and mind. They can relax you, help you sleep, keep you awake, and even encourage you to feel a certain way. Flowery scents can make you feel more feminine, woodsy scents are associated with masculinity, roses with romance, etc. Did you know that there are also some people, including us, that use scents to channel our inner creativity?

The Magic of Scent

Keep Calm & Lavender OnThe sense of smell is one of the most important senses we have. Without the ability to smell things, we would not be able to taste foods because most of them would end up being tasteless or be as attracted to a potential partner since it has been said that attraction stems from pheromones that we all produce. We use our sense of smell each day. It creates a mood or a feeling that we all depend on. It is one of the reasons scented candles are so welcome in most homes and we all enjoy having our home’s cleaning supplies smell a certain way. The fact that scent can influence our mind and body can also be useful when it comes to developing creative ideas.

Creating a Special Space

Create An Art StudioIt is important that artists have a space where they can free their creative minds. When you know an artist, you know that they have a place that they work and a place where they live. They may have a room in their home that provides excellent lighting if they paint, or they may have a room that is quiet and serene if they are writers. Every artist of every kind will do what it takes to make themselves feel good in that area of their home and no two are created in the same way.

Spark Your Creativity

Scent of Lavender

If you have a room that is dedicated to being a space for your creativity to flow, you probably look for ways to make it more special. Some areas are cluttered while others are clean and there are a lot of other unique and perhaps weird things that people do to make these rooms stimulate creativity. For instance, some artists may visit the lavender farm Colorado to gather fresh lavender to put into their room. They may splash bright colors of paint onto to their walls to create abstract artwork if they love painting. They may tour art museums to get inspiration or challenge themselves to draw something on a canvas randomly to try and then turn it into something great. There are also artists who put their old, unfinished works of art on the wall in front of their workspace to remind themselves of not only that project but how much they do not like to leave things unfinished. You can do the same things in your special area if you are needing inspiration. If it doesn’t work, you may also consider changing the scenery. Take a walk, stand in another room, or take a walk in the park with your kids, imagining how you would paint improvements on the things you see.