19 Jan

Express Yourself with a True Art Form

Thanks to the world of Japanese emoticons, a form of self-expression, have taken on the appeal of a new kind of art form. Do you use this type of emoticons? Have you designed your own version of a face that you enjoy? If not, perhaps it is time you give it a try.

The Amazing World of Kaomoji

Kaomoji are emoticons that people have designed to depict various facial expressions using only special keys that are found on keyboards. It may include asterisks for cheeks, underline shapes for a mouth, and parentheses as the outline of a face. By using various shapes to create a facial expression, people all over the world are taking their text messages and online chats to a whole new level of artistic beauty.

(#><) (;⌣̀_⌣́) ☆o(><;)○ ( ̄  ̄|||)

These characters were at one time only available on the Japanese keyboards, but now, anyone can enjoy creating their very own masterpiece. There are even apps available that give users more access to the special characters that can make these emoticons easier to create.

The Evolution of Kaomoji for Our Future

Japanese emoticons began life as a form of artwork. Now, they are a part of our everyday digital life. More and more people are participating in digital graphic design by creating their very own emoticons. You can find them on more than text messages and chat boxes. These emoticons are showing up on web pages, emails, and chat rooms all across the world.


They are not losing their popularity at all. In fact, each day Japanese emoticons become more used and more fun. They are also taking on various sculpture designs that we see on web pages and chats. Many apps that you install use more than special keys. They give you actual digital images that are as unique and fun to play with as any emoticon ever. If past history is any indication, this trend is something that will not end anytime soon.

What Is Your Favorite Way to Express Yourself?

Those days of a yellow smiley face are almost a distant memory to the world we live in today. Japanese emoticons have taken over the internet. Some may be a simple series of special characters and others may be graphic images that have cute anime type characters and cute little faces. There are turtle images that smile, bunnies that laugh, kittens that cry, boys and girls with hearts to show love, and mice that can be angry or sad. There are facial expressions depicted that can express scrunched up faces like when something gross is in front of you and special holiday or food items that you can share to show what you want to eat today.


In the end, emoticons and chatting through the web and through text is going to continue to improve. It is going to continue to allow people to find new ways to express themselves. Are you ready to see what kind of faces you can create and share with those you talk to most often?